Eshel Tree Project (2021-2025) – What is Eshel Tree Project?

Abraham planted a tamarisk tree (Eshel Tree) in Beersheba, and there he called on the name of the LORD, the Eternal God. Genesis 21:33 NIV

Proclamation Date by Rev. Ben Hur (Promise Senior Pastor)
5.30.2021 (PMI Queens Chapel);
6.27.2021 (PMI New Jersey Chapel);
7.25.2021 (PIF Queens Chapel)


The Eshel Tree Project is a comprehensive mission project that leads all members to live as “shade makers” of the Gospel for the next generation with the heart of planting an Eshel tree.

• While the Global 4/14 Window Movement, which Promise Church has been actively promoting so far, has focused on overseas mission work, the Eshel Tree Project, proclaimed in 2021, focuses on the ministry to revive and raise the next generation (children and teenagers and young adults) in our homes and churches. The goal is to make sure that the next generation can carry on the missionary purpose of Promise Church and the transmission of the faith following the parents' generation, and it is a practical approach.
• The Promise Church's 4/14 Window global movement and its domestic version, the Promise Church, the Eshel Tree Project, are a “movement to save the next generation” and therefore have the same purpose and contents.
• Let the centripetal force and the centrifugal force be harmonized through the
ministries of mutual assistance in the content of domestic and international missions included in this.

1) Horizontal missions: Continue to evangelize the next generation from other
regions through the existing 4/14 Window Movement.
2) Vertical mission: Saving the next generation of Promise church through the
Eshel tree project, we focus on our children in our midst who have been relatively overlooked even though the families and children in our church are also in the 4/14 age group.




7.26.2021 - Formation of 5 years of <Eshel Tree Project Task Force Team>

TF Support Team (16 people): A committee that gathers as representatives and
leaders of each department, continues to provide advice and vision sharing, and is a support team serving as a bridge in the middle.

Commander in Chief : Senior Pastor Ben Hur
Steering Committee Members
Director: Education Pastor Brian Choi
Administrator: Elder Charles Choi
Secretary: Deacon Suki Murdock
*Overseas Ministry Division: Elder Heung-Jun Yoo
*Domestic Ministry Division:
o Intercessory Prayer 731 Team: Deacon Suki Murdock
o Ministry of Education: Elder Do-Kyung Lee
o PIF: Pastor Jun Kwon
o 30-40 age group: Elder Hak-ryeol Lee
o Vanguard: Deacon Gwang-pyo Lim (2nd Ordained Deacon group)
o Publication/Documentation/PR: Senior Deacon Heung-Sik Baek
o Media/Video: Pastor Choa Hwang
o Senior Deacon Group: Pastor Young-Sook Yoon
o Senior: Deacon Jae-ho Shin (Isaac Mission)
o Adult Ecclesia: Senior Deacon Mija Choi
o Advisory Committee Members (2): Elder In Choi, Elder Yong-chan Lee

7.28.2021 - Eshel Tree Project Vision Sharing Conference
The Task Force team, administrative/ministerial elders, and all NY/NJ clergy and staff gathered together to share the vision and pray to move forward with the historical and historical vision given to the church.

8.15.2021- Formation of Intercessory Prayer Team 731 for the Eshel Tree Project The Eshel Tree Intercession Team 731, which took the lead in the prayer movement for the next generation of the Eshel Tree Project, was established with the first 10 members and started intercession on August 15, 2021.
From the beginning, the Eshel Tree Project did not focus on meetings or gathering ideas, but started as a prayer movement. As we are prayer warriors, nothing can go ahead of prayer, for there is nothing we can ask God that He cannot do.

<Eshel Tree Intercession Team 731> Three Core Mission 7.3.1.
Set a prayer topic for the Eshel Tree Project
Seven - Every day (7 days) Always pray in each place
Three - Fasting 3 times a month & prayer meeting 3 times a month
One – One hour daily prayer, united prayer meetings & special thanksgiving
missionary offering once a year


8.15.2021- Announcement of Eshel Tree Project Logo Contest
Encourage participation in making logos for the Eshel Tree Project by subdividing application qualifications into PKC, Youth, Stephen, PIF, and KM adults for all members of the church. The contest encompassed logo meanings and testimony stories.
Winners - Eshel Tree Award (5 group): Rachel Kim (PKC), Rachel Lee (Youth), The Murdock Family (PIF), Mi-ra Kang (KM), Yoo Ki-ok (KM) 

9.5.2021 - First Eshel Tree Project Program for Youth:

Eshel Worship Night Youth 

Purpose: We plan “Worship Night Youth” as the first program of the Eshel
Tree Project.
1. Through the powerful grace and presence of God, the Holy Spirit that transcends time and space, along with praise gatherings that fit the flow of the times and the cultural codes of the generations, the youth can meet God personally on weekends rather than looking for joy in the world. We want to provide a place of worship and a place of culture.
2. Through this, Promise Church is expected to become a landmark of praise
gatherings in the NY/NJ local youth community.
3. It is expected that the regular Youth Friday Praise Meeting will be a facilitator of the Youth Weekend Encounter Program, which is scheduled to start in the middle of next year.

First Eshel Worship Team:
Music team: Alvin Shin, Joanne Suh, Noel Im, Erie Jin, Jieun Park, Sora Kim, David Kim, Ryongseong Chae, Moses Park, Wonsup Hwang, Mark Hwang, June Kim, Su Hyun Song
Production team: Choongje Lee, Jae Hyun Kwon, Heesoo Hwang, Minseok Son, Raymond Kim, Jae Kwon, Phoebe Jung

9.12.2021 – Formed Eshel Tree Project TF Operation Team:
This is a parallel structure with the Task Force Support team. Currently, two groups as the Planning Team and the General Management (GM) Team are composed, and are actively planning and executing the project.



9.16.2021 - Set the official logo for the Eshel Tree Project:

CI – Eshel


9.18.2021 – Eshel Tree Project TF General Management (GM) team composition
• TF Operation (Executive GM Team): Suki Murdock, Kim, Joo-hyun, Grace Yoo, Kim, Seok-hyun, Kim, Yun-nam, Hwang, Cho-ah (titles omitted)
• The (GM) team activities that manage and carry out the Eshel Tree Project as a whole:
- Eshel official website - Eshel Tree Project communication design and content
- Development of seven products for Eshel goods – Product selection, production and sales management for the Eshel tree project
- Supporting Eshel Tree Project related events - Eshel promotional video, logo



11.19. 2021 - First Eshel Youth Worship Night – 11/19 @8-10pm
• This is a special day for middle and high school students and all church members to worship together as the first Eshel Worship meeting at Promise Church starting with the first Eshel Tree Project.
• Theme: Fear Not - This gathering is a collective praise gathering to break the
invisible barrier and fear of the first generation of parents (KM).
• Composition: Children and teachers gather on the first floor, and parents attend on the second and wing areas. Members who cannot participate in the field can participate in live worship online. It is a spiritual praise gathering where the whole church worships and prays together.


11.21.2021 - Launched Eshel Tree Project official website: www.esheltree.org

11.21.2021 - Proclamation of Eshel Day – 11/21 (Thanksgiving Day)
Preparing for the next year with hope and re-declaration of the vision of the Eshel Tree Project